Tier 1 Supplemental Resources


The Tier 1 supplemental materials in this section support district and school-based teams with initial implementation and sustainability of school-wide PBIS. The materials in this section provide school teams with additional guides and resources as they plan and implement their PBIS framework. The materials below support the training materials

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Tier 1 Implementation Guide

NEPBIS Tier 1 Implementation Guide (9.2023)
This implementation guide has been developed as an accompanying resource for school teams to use as they engage in the team training. Use this organizational tool to keep a record of essential discussions, create and house implementation artifacts, and document the team’s implementation history.

Action Plan Templates

NEPBIS Getting Started Action Plan
Use this action plan to organize implementation of the 10 NEPBIS Getting Started Steps

NEPBIS Action Plan with Agenda
A blank Meeting Agenda form with columns to document action steps. 

TFI Action Plan
An action plan template guided by the TFI Tier 1 items. 

Active Supervision Self-Assessment

Active Supervision Self-Assessment
Use this tool to self-assess quality indicators of active supervision in non-classroom areas.

Tier 1 Evaluation Report

NEPBIS Annual Tier 1 PBIS Evaluation Report Template
A template to report of implementaion fidelity, outcomes, and a summary statement.

NEPBIS Annual Tier 1 PBIS School Evaluation Report Sample
A completed sample of an annual report using the template above.

SEB Lesson Plan

NEPBIS SEB Skill Lesson Plan
A template to develop a lesson plan following the model, lead, test lesson format.


NEPBIS SWIS Alternative Tool
This tool can be used as an alternative to PBIS Apps for school teams to analyze behavior referral data.

The readiness Checklist is a list or ten requirements for obtaining a SWIS License Agreement.

Link to PBIS Apps 
A direct link to the PBIS Apps website.

Team Meeting Template

NEPBIS Team Meeting Template
A blank meeting agenda template for ongoing team meetings. This template inlcudes agenda items, action planning, and self-assessment of team operating procedures.