Communities of Practice (CoP)

An opportunity to join other PBIS facilitators in regularly scheduled virtual meetings to discuss implementation. Specific groups have been developed for implementation at the classroom level, PBIS in high school, and for SWIS facilitators. These virtual sessions provide opportunities for participants to consider essential components of PBIS with a focus on the practical application and identifying and overcoming barriers. Learn and grow within a community of facilitators!

Are you a Classroom Teacher looking to strengthen your student behavior support practices?

Join the Northeast PBIS Network for a year-long Community of Practice (CoP) opportunity. Each session will include some brief training, shared resources, opportunities for group discussion, and suggestions for implementation.

Are you implementing PBIS in a high school?

Join the High School CoP to connect with others to learn, gather examples, and brainstorm solutions. This group meets bi-monthly from 2-3 PM on 10/19/22; 12/7/22; 2/1/23; 5/3/22.

Are you certified as a SWIS Facilitator?

Join the Northeast PBIS’ SWIS Facilitator Community of Practice (CoP) to stay up-to-date with the latest best practices, new features, training events, and more! This group meets quarterly from 9-10 AM on 9/28/22; 1/4/23; 3/8/23; 6/7/23