Advanced Tiers


Within the three-tiered prevention logic of PBIS, advanced tiers build upon Tier 1 foundations. Tier 2, or secondary prevention practices supplement Tier 1 to provide further behavior supports for students whose behaviors are at risk of failure and/or are unresponsive to Tier 1 practices.

Tier 2 practices are implemented across small groups of students, usually across all school settings and by staff members who are responsible for teaching these students.

Tier 3 or tertiary prevention practices are implemented for students whose behaviors are high risk of failure and/or unresponsive to Tiers 1 and 2. Tier 3 practices are highly specialized and implemented at the individual student level by a team with behavior expertise.

The Tier 2 training modules in this section support school-based teams with implementation of systems and data to support implementation of evidence-based practices for students in need of additional supports. Similar to the Tier 1 materials, training is one component of a comprehensive model of support.