Becoming a NEPBIS Trainer

Are you interested in becoming an Endorsed NEPBIS Trainer?

The application window for the 9th ToT cohort, begining Fall 2024 is now open! 

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About the ToT

This NEPBIS Training of Trainers (ToT) consists of a combination of training events, supported training activities, and participation in an ongoing network of support leading to endorsement as an NEPBIS Trainer.


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Cohort 8 (Fall 2023 Start)
Days 1-2: October 4-5, 2023
Days 3-4: February 7-8, 2024
Days 5-6: April 3-4, 2024


Cohort 9 (Fall 2024 Start)
Days 1-2: September 25-26, 2024
Days 3-4: January 29-30, 2025
Days 5-6: April 9-10, 2025

Wondering if the ToT is for you?

Read testimonials from past ToT participants to see how they’ve applied their learning to support PBIS implementation in their current roles.

Being part of the NEPBIS TOT network helped me develop deep knowledge from the broad, district systems level to the day-to-day, classroom application-level so I may effectively support change that improves outcomes for students in a wide range of training and coaching settings. The TOT provides a community of colleagues that keeps me up to date on research and best practices with a mindset of continuous improvement.

Tracey Lamothe, Trainer & Facilitator

The ToT was one of the most thorough and rigorous professional learning opportunities I have ever experienced. Participating in the ToT challenged me to expand and strengthen my facilitation skills, and allowed me to engage in deep and broad learning on PBIS implementation, delivered by experts in the field. My experience with the ToT has contributed to numerous professional opportunities, from transitioning into a full time professional learning facilitator role, to supporting a wide range of schools and districts with their PBIS implementation. 

Hannah Goodwin-Brown, Director of Systems & Programs

In my role as a psychologist and BCBA for the Greenwich Public School District, I had the opportunity to participate in many great trainings and workshops over the years. However, the NEPBIS-Training of Trainers (TOT), which I completed in 2020,  stands in a category all by itself as one of the most comprehensive, effective and applied courses I ever participated in. The ToT training provided me with a deep understanding of the PBIS/MTSS framework and gave me a solid foundation that helped me expand my behavioral, clinical and leadership skills in the area of PBIS. The well paced and organized structure of the training was matched by ongoing mentorship and guidance from the trainers who always emphasized collaboration, constructive feedback and team work. I cannot think of any other training experiences that had such a deep and long-lasting impact on my professional career in education and I am forever grateful for having this opportunity.

Fabian Agiurgioaei Boie, School Psychologist & BCBA

NEPBIS’ ToT has been and continues to be a bedrock of professional support!  As an independent consultant working with a variety of schools and districts, it is critical for me to be part of a professional community of colleagues to refine and grow content knowledge as well as hone my skills as a trainer. I am further supported by this wonderful group of practitioners through booster sessions and conferences throughout the year as well as being able to talk with or email PBIS leaders and researchers when or if the need arises. 

Christine Cappabianca, Consultant

Participation in the Training of Trainers supports Rhode Island’s capacity by building theoretical foundations and training knowledge and skills across the cascade. Connections with other TOT colleagues at all levels within our state and region continue to increase RIDE’s capacity to develop training guidance in collaboration with local TA partners. This has been a lever to build a cohesive approach and consistent guidance on coaching, training, and implementation of an integrated multi-tiered system of support.

Samantha Brinz, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

I began ToT as a classroom teacher looking for ways to broaden my impact and increase educator capacity with positive behavior support. ToT‘s balance of in-depth content with trainer skill development has helped me launch into a new career chapter by providing me with the necessary foundational knowledge, access to PBIS professionals throughout the northeast, and connecting me to experts in the field.

Karen Robbie, State-level Implementer & Research Associate