Tier 1 School-Wide


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports is a multi-tiered prevention framework for establishing and sustaining effective school-wide and individual behavior supports needed to enhance academic, social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes for all students. PBIS uses systems, data, and practices to achieve equitable, culturally responsive, positive outcomes. 

Tier 1, or primary prevention, is implemented for all students by all staff across all settings to:

  • define, teach, and encourage contextually appropriate behavior
  • prevent contextually inappropriate behavior
  • maximize academic achievement
  • promote equity
  • support data-based decision-making

Implementation is led by a representative team of staff, families, students, and community members. 



Tier 1 Team Training

Training materials, including slide decks and an implementation guide, promote multi-year action plans for adopting and implementing school-wide Tier 1 PBIS.

Tier 1 training content and related materials span across days and years encompassing getting started steps, implementation supports, and sustainability.


More about Tier 1 PBIS




Visit the National Center on PBIS website to learn more about Tier 1 implementation.


Classroom PBIS

 Two images overlayed. The first, an elementary student raising their hand while sitting at a desk. The second, a teacher working individually with a secondary school student.

Similar to Tier 1 at the school-wide level, Classroom PBIS is focused around the use of data, systems, and practices across a continuum to meet students’ needs.

Advanced Tiers

Advanced tier supports supplement Tier 1 to provide targeted and/or individualized supports for students who need more than universal Tier 1 practices and systems.