PBIS Academy Year 3 Syllabus

The syllabus below outlines the training activities and supplemental materials for Year 3 of the PBIS Academy.

Cohort 5 will follow this syllabus for the 2020-2021 academic year.

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Meeting TitleMeeting DatesTopicsAdditional ReadingsResources/ToolsActivities
October Coaches Training

PPT Slides
Cohort 5A - 10/1@9am
Cohort 5B - 10/7@12pm
Cohort 5C - 10/13@9am
· Returning to the School Year following Disruptions
· Screening
· Coaching Function & Roles
· Preview: Tier 1 Critical Features Self-Check Process
· Returning to School During/After Disruptions
· School Guide: Returning to School During/After a Crisis
· Getting Back to School/Back to Basics
· Coaching within SWPBIS
· Virtual Tiered Fidelity Inventory Guidance
· Review Current SWPBIS Documents & Determine Necessary Updates
· Review and plan content for Logic Model Template (google doc)
· Schedule Fall Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)
November Coaches Training

PPT Slides
Cohort 5A - 11/2@9am
Cohort 5B - 11/10@12pm
Cohort 5C - 11/9@9am
· Integration & Alignment within the PBIS Framework
· Self-Check: Data Routines
· Preview: School Climate & Cultural Responsiveness
· Integration & Alignment Technical Guide
· How Schools are Using School Climate Surveys
· Cultural Responsiveness Field Guide· Review Working Smarter Matrix
· Coaching Self-Assessment
· Plan Logic Model Template (google doc)
· Review Evaluation Plan Template
· Integration / Alignment Activity
November Team Training

PPT Slides
Dr La Salle Handout
Cohort 5A - 11/18@12pm
Cohort 5B - 11/16@9am
Cohort 5C - 11/18@12pm
· Guest Speaker: Cultural Responsiveness & School Climate
· Roundtable Discussions
· Action Planning with Team
· School Climate Survey Suite
· Review School Climate Survey
· Plan Assessment of Stakeholders
· Review & Revise Current Action Plan
January Team Training

PPT Slides
Cohort 5A - 1/20@12pm
Cohort 5B - 1/14@9am
Cohort 5C - 1/21@12pm
· Integration & Alignment within the PBIS Framework
· Review: Fidelity & Outcome Data for Planning
· Preview: Tiers 2 & 3
· Technical Guide for Aligning Programs· Integration & Alignment Mini Module
· Cultural Responsiveness Field Guide
· Integration & Alignment Activity
· Review Fidelity & Outcome Data
· Complete Tier 2 Readiness Checklist
· Complete TIC
February Coaches Training

PPT Slides
Cohort 5A - 2/2@9am
Cohort 5B - 2/22@12pm
Cohort 5C - 2/23@9am
· Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) for Sustainability Training
· Efficient Decision Systems with TIPS
· Sustainability
· Planning for March Poster Session
· Tiered Fidelity Inventory Training PPT
· PBIS Academy Poster Webinar
· Review Tiered Fidelity Inventory Administration Training Videos
· Review TIPS Team Decision Making Procedures
· Review Sustainability Checklist
· Create Poster
March Coaches Training

PPT Slides
Cohort 5A - 3/4@9am
Cohort 5B - 3/23@12pm
Cohort 5C - 3/15@9am
· Preview: Family Engagement
· Planning for Next Year
· Aligning & Integrating Family Engagement in PBIS· School-Family Partnership Survey
· Planning for Next School Year Example
· Coaches Year at a glance Document
March Team Training

PPT Slides

Dr. Fefer PPT Slides
Cohort 5B - 3/30@9am
Cohort 5A & 5C - 3/25@12pm
· Guest Speaker: Family Engagement (Sarah Fefer)
· Poster Session
· Planning for Next Year
· PBIS & Family Support· Stakeholder Input & Satisfaction Survey (SISS) Family
· Planning for the Upcoming School Year Mini Module
· Complete Family-School Practices Survey
· Coaches Year at a glance Document