Tier 1 School-Wide


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports is a prevention framework for establishing and sustaining effective school-wide and individual behavior supports needed to enhance academic, social, and behavioral outcomes for all students.

The PBIS framework is based on a three-tiered prevention logic that has been promoted by the public health community. Tier 1 or primary prevention practices are established in all classroom and school-wide settings to (a) teach and encourage expected behavior, (b) prevent problem behavior, and (c) most importantly, maximize academic achievement. Tier 1 practices are implemented for all students by all staff across all settings.

The Tier 1 training modules in this section support district and school-based teams with initial implementation and sustainability of school-wide PBIS. It is important to note that training is one component of a comprehensive model of support for districts and schools. This model should also include coaching, technical assistance, and data-based decision-making supports. The NEPBIS Network comprehensive model is composed of full day team trainings, coaches trainings (see coaching materials on this site), networking, on-site technical assistance, and consultation over three years.

Training materials, including power points, the getting started workbook, and appendices include: district mapping of current structures in systems to develop multi-year action plans towards adopting and implementing evidence-based, equitable, and culturally relevant practices; a readiness assessment for training at the whole school level; school-wide universal PBIS training for teams; customized, on-site job embedded support; and training in data systems and analysis.
The NEPBIS Network comprehensive model focuses on Tier 1 implementation. However, schools that have reached a pre-requisite level of implementation fidelity may qualify to participate in a Tier 2 Training and support model.

Team Training

Tier 1 training content and related materials materials spanning across days and years encompassing getting started steps, implementation supports, and sustainability.

Team Training Workbook, Appendices, & Supplemental Materials

Tier 1 workbook and related materials that providing school leadership teams with a guide in implementation and ongoing plan