NEPBIS Stands for Racial Equity

Aligned with our core value of social justice, we want to be clear that we stand with the current movement to end the long history of systematic racism and injustice throughout our region and the country.   


The horrific murders of Ahmaud Abrey, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and George Floyd are recent examples of a long line of historical inequities that have always defined America. The status quo can no longer continue; real change is required.  


These events should result in long overdue deep listening, introspection, and action. As citizens and educators of the next generation, we are required to reflect upon and respond to the needs of our most vulnerable communities. We recommit to leading our NEPBIS community in this work. We will leverage our resources and time to facilitate reflective conversations, promote deep learning, and develop resources to support anti-racist work in schools through the PBIS framework.  


Amongst the crowds of thousands and thousands marching, carrying signs, speaking their voice, we find our youth, as always, providing a model and illuminating the path forward. It is our job to listen, and, after we listen, support them in developing school communities that are truly positive, proactive, safe and inclusive places for our students and families of color.  


This initial list of resources is provided to support conversations and thoughtful action within your school and district leadership team: