High Schools

1. High School SWPBS Symposium: Implementation Exemplars


  • Mary Cohen (Boston Public Schools)
  • Ellen Reinhardt (Northern Rhode Island Collaborative)
  • Collen Larson & Paige Kirin-Claire (Portsmouth High School)
  • Gregory Gwudz & Megan Lee (North Branford High School)

2. Embracing Your Biggest Asset: Youth Leadership in PBIS

Presenters: Heidi Cloutier & Kathy Francoeur

3. Improve Student Outcomes Through Extended Learning Opportunities

Presenters: Heidi Cloutier, Kathy Francoeur, & Marsha Burns

4. The Journey to Implementation Fidelity in High School Settings

Presenter: Sharon Lohrmann, Michelle Mead, Paula Raigoza, & Scott McMahon